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Campus Life

Boarding Students

Being a boarding student helps a young person to develop independence very quickly. Along with this independence, a student at Grier develops self-reliance and a true sense of self that helps her to manage life’s small and big challenges. In the dorm, students learn the value of co-existing and cooperating with others in a very tight community. They enjoy the caring ways of their Resident Advisors who support girls much the way parents do. When you live with lots of other young people, the smallest experiences can become some of your best memories.

Living on Campus

Boarding students at Grier live in dormitories or cottages. Each dormitory building or wing and each cottage is supervised by a duo of Resident Advisors, affectionately called “housemoms.”

In the dormitory suites, which are connected or adjacent to the main building, two students share one bedroom and two bedrooms share one connected bathroom.

Returning upperclass students can choose to live in one of the six cottages throughout the Grier campus. These cottages offer girls a comfortable living room and full kitchen in addition to bedrooms and bathrooms for students and Resident Advisors.

Grier School Dormatory Tour

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