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Academic Support

Grier’s academic support program includes Learning Skills classes and Student Tutoring. The program uses a multi-faceted approach to best support students who have struggled academically in other settings. While the support program does keep abreast of the latest research and trends, best practices  rather than passing fads  dominate Grier School's approach to empowering students with the tools needed to close gaps and improve skills. At all times, students benefit from the best practices that suit their specific educational needs.

Our program allows students to participate and thrive in Grier School's college-preparatory classes without any sense of stigma. Additionally, the team-approach allows for seamless communication between all concerned parties, further ensuring success. As a testament to this approach, many students advance out of this program by their senior year, confident and prepared for success in their future academic endeavors.
Empowering Students to Learn

Learning Skills

This course is for students still developing organization or study skills or for those who need additional personalized instruction in specific subject areas, including, but not limited to math, science, social studies, and language arts. Class size varies from one to three students per teacher. A Learning Skills class is scheduled daily for participants in the program and does not replace any other classes but rather complements them. Students in Learning Skills receive weekly comments on Thursdays from all of their academic teachers. These comments, detailing the past week's performance, are posted online in the Grades & Comments section of myGrier. The Learning Skills teachers also serve as the liaison for a student's team of parents, teachers, and administrators.

Any student who enrolls in Grier and has a psychological evaluation will have an Education Plan written for her. Each of that girl's teachers, her parents, and the student herself will receive a copy of the Ed Plan which lists the classroom modifications recommended by the psychological report.

A typical Learning Skills class uses direct instruction in a small group setting during every class period. The Learning Skills teachers help students through difficulties that may arise in the process of completing homework assignments. Additionally, basic skills are emphasized as a student learns to take effective notes, outline, write research papers, and prepare for tests. Organization skills throughout all areas of a student's daily life are emphasized. Ultimately, the desired outcome of our Learning Skills class is for students to develop the techniques and self-confidence that will help them succeed and no longer need academic support.

Participation in Grier's Learning Skills Program involves an additional fee per semester.

Student Tutoring Program

There is a study hall period for all students every evening, Sunday through Thursday. During this time, many students study in their rooms or in the library. For students requiring a more structured study hall experience, the Student Tutoring Program offers additional academic support in the evening hours. It is in these small groups that students work on academic projects, essays, and nightly homework under the supervision of one of our Student Support teachers.

Participation in the Student Tutoring Program involves an additional fee per semester.

Pennsylvania Act 195 Information

State legislation authorizes the purchase of instructional materials by the Secretary of Education to children enrolled in kindergarten through grade 12 in non-public schools. We use this grant to purchase, library and classroom materials and equipment. 

In order to participate in the program, a parent/guardian of each child attending a non-public or private school must individually request a loan of instructional materials and equipment. Use the Act 195 Form link to complete this request.


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