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I’m just so happy to be the person to introduce you to Grier School, as I truly believe there’s no place like Grier.  Grier is a come as you are not as the world tells you to be kind of place, where the mist rises each morning over the Allegheny mountain range and the sun reveals itself in all of its glory.   It's a place where the natural beauty and clear air causes everyone to exhale and breathe.  Girls are not only encouraged to find themselves; they're celebrated and encouraged to be themselves.  Authenticity matters here.  
 With signature programs in riding, dance, and the arts, our students explore passions, tapping into gifts only they have, all the while engaging in a curriculum that is transformational instead of transactional:  our classes transform students. Our teachers are passionate, nurturing, and experienced.  There are classes for everyone and the academic program here is not a "one size fits all" approach; academic experiences are truly tailored to our students and we can accommodate a wide range of academic needs.  The classes are diverse with 21 AP courses and supportive learning skills and tutoring programs.  
 A strong residential life program is such an important part of a boarding school environment.  Here, residential life advisors, whom we call "house moms," live on each dorm floor and provide guidance and support.    En-suite bathrooms shared by four girls provide privacy and practicality.  With students from all over the United States and the world, girls make life-long friendships, as 85% of our students board.   There are so many places here to make friends—our brand new Student Center, 1853, the rocking chairs on the colonnade, and the colorful Adirondack chairs on the lawn, not to mention the dance floor, riding ring, practice fields, yoga studio, stage, dining room, pool, or our brand new fitness center.  No matter which corner of campus you're in, the laughter you hear reminds you that this campus belongs to our girls.   Overall, like the quilts that are so famous in this central part of Pennsylvania, each student brings the fabric of her life to our metaphorical quilt, one that is warm and cozy, welcoming and beautiful in all of its diversity. 
 With a philanthropic and community driven ethos, there are opportunities for students to use their talents and gifts to give back, growing in their own character through community service and volunteer opportunities both on-campus and off.   A commitment to social justice and equality shows we truly believe we are better and stronger together.  Our community is committed to continual growth for all, as we are dedicated learners and dreamers who have our eyes to the future.  
 Here at Grier, we educate and help raise girls who become strong women. They have strong voices and brave hearts.   They leave us knowledgeable, confident, with a strong sense of self, and a knowledge that this community is always here for them.  They may leave the campus after graduation but they're forever "Grier girls" in their hearts and in ours.  
 Everyone wants to belong somewhere and our girls belong here.  They find home here at our school among the trees.  This is Grier, a place of true belonging.  You are welcome here.  Join us.   We'll be waiting to hear from you.  
 Until then,

Kara Lawler, M.A.Ed.
Interim Head of School
Director of Enrollment and Marketing

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  • Photo of Geoffrey  Grier

    Geoffrey  Grier 

    Director of Grier School
  • Photo of Kara Lawler

    Kara Lawler 

    Interim Head of School/Director of Enrollment and Marketing
  • Photo of Harriet Grier

    Harriet Grier 

    Director of Development Emeritus
  • Photo of Kathryn Barr

    Kathryn Barr 

    Dean of Academics
  • Photo of Caren Crago

    Caren Crago 

    Dean of Counseling, Wellness & Residential Life
  • Photo of Anthony Lang

    Anthony Lang 

    Dean of Faculty\English Dept. Chair
  • Photo of Erin Guydish Buchholz

    Erin Guydish Buchholz PhD 

    Dean of Students & Belonging\Teacher
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