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Fine Art


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  • Beginning Jewelry

    This course is a basic introduction to creative jewelry techniques using hand tools, recycled materials, beads, wire, found objects, and traditional and nontraditional materials. Student will also learn about safety in a jewelry studio, proper maintenance of the space, tools, and materials.
  • Costume Design

    The students acquire skills in machine sewing, pattern making, costume illustration, and building original designs. The class produces costumes for school dance and drama productions.
  • Drawing

    This course introduces classical and contemporary drawing techniques with a focus on composition, linear perspective and the language between light and shadow. This is a techniques course, meaning that previous drawing experience is not required, with a curriculum that is designed for students with all experience levels.
  • Fiber Arts

    In the Fiber Arts course, students in mixed-grade classes will learn the skills of several fiber crafts, including knitting, crochet, hand-spinning and weaving. Students will be encouraged to employ these skills to create finished projects. The instructor will help students to choose projects through which they can show their mastery of basic skills and can exercise their own interests to express their creativity and produce both craft and art.
  • Intro to Graphic Design

    In this course students use Photoshop, digital cameras, photo scanners and photo printers to create unique and current works of art. For students in grade 7 or 8.
  • Mixed Media

    This is an interdisciplinary course, designed to introduce a variety of materials and ideas with minimal constraints throughout the semester. An emphasis will be placed on concept design and material experimentation. Students are encouraged to use critical thinking and to push the boundaries of artmaking through a large selection of projects.
  • Painting

    This course is an introduction to the materials and techniques used in a variety of painting mediums including oil, gouache, watercolor and oil. Students will learn about the nature of each medium, composition and color theory as well as historical and contemporary practices of painting.
  • Photography

    In photography, students learn the elements of photography, processing film, darkroom fundamentals, and how to use a SLR camera.  Emphasis is placed on moving from taking snapshots of everything to taking thoughtful artistic images.  This class is designed to instill a lifelong attachment to photography in any form.
  • Pottery Hand-Building

    This ceramics course introduces and develops basic ceramic techniques for beginners and those with some experience. It encourages the exploration of personal inspiration and also draws on current trends in ceramics. A full range of hand-building techniques are studied, including primitive forms of pottery and contemporary forms.
  • Printmaking

    This course involves an exploration of the variety of techniques used in printmaking, including linoleum, woodcut, monoprinting and etching. Students are encouraged to create designs or motifs that express personal interests while elements and principals of design are reinforced as they apply to printmaking.
  • Pottery Wheel - Grade: 8-12

    This course introduces and develops basic wheel throwing techniques for beginners and those with some experience. Also, care and maintenance of tools and equipment, glazing techniques and recycling of clay will be taught.
  • Advanced Photography - Grade: 9-12

    Students in grades 9-12 learn historic, traditional and digital photography while working on personal projects. Prior photography class or approval from the teacher is required. Prerequisites: Photography
  • Animated Graphics - Grade: 9-12

    Animated Graphics introduces students to the animation process. Students will be using computers and the Adobe Creative Suite, primarily Adobe Animate. Students will learn how to brainstorm, create, and complete an animation.
  • Graphic Design - Grade: 9-12

    In this course students use Photoshop, digital cameras, photo scanners and photo printers to create unique and current works of art.
  • Metals & Jewelry - Grade: 9-12

    This course for students in grades 9-12 introduces and develops basic metal-smith techniques while the students look for personal inspiration in the design and fabrication of jewelry or the creation of ornaments for the living environment. A variety of non-precious metals and mixed media materials are used. Students also are instructed in the care and safe use of an assortment of hand and power tools used in the production process.
  • Video Production - Grade: 9-12

    Students in this course will learn the fundamental methods of being a part of a video production team. The course will include learning how to properly maintain and utilize video equipment, how to record quality sound, and pay attention to the importance of lighting on a set. Students will be required to complete multiple projects showing the skills that they’ve learned using production studio equipment and professional editing software such as Final Cut Pro. Students will also learn how to utilize a green screen and chromakey effects, as well as drone video footage, script writing, casting, and directing. Students will also be asked to assist with events outside of class. The class encourages teamwork, leader ship, and creativity to accomplish your goals on all projects!
  • Broadcasting (GrierTV) - Grades: 9-12

    Be a part of the GrierTV team and help inform and educate your fellow students about what’s happening on campus! This class will focus on the methods and techniques used to broadcast a live signal to the school and the basics of operating as a real broadcasting team. Students will learn to operate a live camera, acting as director, camera operator, perform journalistic reporting, and even on-screen talent. Students will also learn how to create marketing ideas and time management for deadlines.  The course encourages people who enjoy drama, acting, or voice acting to use their skills and personalities for live broadcasting announcements, their technical skills for creating and editing video content, and their leadership skills in helping to organize an event planner and script writing. Students will also be required to be in studio for weekly announcements.  
  • AP® Portfolio 2D & 3D - Grade: 11 or 12

    The teacher assists in the final preparation of a student’s portfolio for students interested in attending post-secondary programs where portfolios are a prerequisite to admission. The completed portfolio will show skills in all areas and mediums of art as required by the College Board® assessment standard, fulfilling all college admissions portfolio requirements. Prerequisites: Grades 11 and 12, plus 2 years of study and sketch book review.
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