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College Counseling

The College Counseling department assists students in the college exploration and application process.  Grier School College Counselors help students identify colleges that are a good fit academically and socially through self-evaluation. We educate our students on the college admissions process and how to use the resources available to them for their college search. This is done through individual meetings and structured small group seminars in the sophomore, junior, and senior years.  In addition, students in their junior year attend a National College Fair to meet with college admissions representatives.  Though students are responsible for the completion of their applications, they receive assistance through weekly individual meetings and application workshops. 

To supplement our college advising, all students meet with their college counselor yearly to discuss their academic goals.  In this meeting, students and counselors review the student’s academic record, discuss their post high school plans, and choose courses for the following year.

Testing Coordinator

The Testing Coordinator is available to assist the girls with their standardized test registrations. This includes ensuring that the students have forms completed correctly and by the ACT® and SAT® deadlines. She also makes certain that girls who receive testing accommodations on campus complete the testing boards’ application forms in order to receive the same accommodations on the standardized tests. For any standardized tests where students’ accommodations cannot be met at test centers, Grier will administer and proctor the test on site.

PSAT® exams are administered on-site in October to the sophomores and juniors. In January, the Test Coordinator meets with students in small groups to explain their PSAT® scores and provides SAT® preparation tips based on their PSAT® scores. Additionally, she initiates the college search and application process.

The Test Coordinator also manages paperwork and eligibility requirements for Advanced Placement® (AP®) exams and proctors non-standardized tests in her office for students who need to make-up tests or require extra time or other special accommodations.

Meet the Counselors

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    Suzanne Lyke 

    Director of College Counseling
  • Photo of Kathryn Barr

    Kathryn Barr 

    Dean of Academics
  • Photo of Olivia Hallahan

    Olivia Hallahan 

    Testing Coordinator
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