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Teacher Resources


The Grier Library has magazines, books, DVDs, some audiobooks, and lots of electronic resources, including online databases of magazine & newspaper articles, as well as, eBooks. You can search the library catalog, Destiny, to look for materials.
The library offers a variety of services, including:

  • assisting teachers in planning or preparing research projects
  • giving instruction on topics related to research and information literacy, such as critically evaluating web sites and navigating online research databases like eLibrary
  • ordering new materials
  • borrowing materials from other libraries
  • promoting literacy & reading for pleasure though contests and other activities

Collaboration & Co-Teaching

List of 7 items.

  • Assignment Alerts

    Teachers issue “Assignment Alerts” to the librarian so that the librarian can be better prepared to help students meet teachers’ requirements and expectations.
  • Library Orientation

    All students are required to go through Library Orientation with their English or ESL classes at the start of the year.
  • Class Visits

    Teachers are welcome to bring classes to the library and can do so by signing up at the main library desk or by emailing the librarian. Library use is typically limited to 1-2 classes at the same time. The librarian can instruct, assist, or let the teacher operate solo.
  • NoodleTools

    Grier subscribes to this high-quality web-based bibliographic and note-taking software. Teachers can encourage students to use NoodleTools. The librarian can provide training.
  • Research Guides

    The librarian can create online and/or print Research Guides that direct students to appropriate print and online resources.
  • Custom Search Engines

    Team up to create custom search engines through Google. These are Google searches that include only specific, hand-selected web sites.
  • Relay, Share, Help

    Teachers can share tips, links, and information from the librarian with their students, link to the library web site, and display or distribute promotional materials from the library.


List of 8 items.

  • Support for Teachers

    • Partnership and collaboration
    • Staff development and training
    • Online and print resources for students and teachers
    • Multimedia resources to support curriculum
    • Resources for lesson plans and professional development
    • AV presentation assistance and loan of equipment
    • If there is something you need, please ask!
  • Classroom Video on Demand

    Search and view thousands of streaming videos.  Linked within Destiny.
  • Destiny Catalog

    Search the library's collection and manage your account.
  • NoodleTools

    The Library subscribes to NoodleTools, a high-quality web-based bibliographic and note-taking software. Students can access this software whenever they desire, but it is helpful when teachers remind them that it exists. Students can even share their progress with teachers via NoodleTools.
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  • PBS Learning Media

    Freely available streaming video content from PBS programs.
  • ProQuest Educational Journals

    articles from over 700 education journals, many in full-text.
  • Educator's Reference Complete

    articles from educational journals.
  • TurnItIn.com

    Origianlity check, peer review, and grading software provide by the Grier IT Department.

Library & Information Literacy Skills

List of 3 items.

  • Library & Information Literacy Skills Instruction

    The librarian offers generic lessons, but prefers to work with teacher to tailor instructions to align with teacher and assignment objectives. In addition to the prepared and customizable lessons listed below, the librarian can create new lessons upon request.

    • Critically Evaluating Websites for Credibility
    • Avoiding Plagiarism
    • Using Online Databases
    • Paraphrasing
    • Introduction to the Research Assignment
    • Citation Using NoodleTools
    • Note-taking and Outlines with NoodleTools
    • eBooks and eReaders
  • Library Orientation

    Introduces students to the library staff, space, and services. The main focus is the library's software Destiny, which allows users to create their own logins, search for print and digital materials, access digital content, and manage accounts.
  • Literacy Promotion

    • Book Talks - online book trailers designed to pique interest in books. Developed and delivered live at the teacher's request.
    • Displays & Contests - the library features themed displays and contests throughout the year and these can be linked to a teacher's curriculum
    • Pennsylvania Young Readers' Choice Awards (PAYRCA) Program - As par tof this statewide program, students read nominated books and vote for their favorite. Grier offers prizes and other incentives for participation.

Collection Management

List of 4 items.

  • Collection Overview

    • Students may borrow books, magazines, audiobooks, eReaders, and DVDs from the Student Film Collection
    • Teachers have access to the complete DVD and VHS collection
    • The extensive online collection includes many high-quality research databases, multimedia, and a growing collection of eBooks
    • Most online content can be accessed anywhere, anytime that Internet connection is available
  • Reserves & Resource Lists

    The librarian can:
    • Select and collect materials appropriate for your students
    • Reserve physical items on a designated shelf or cart for your students’ easy access
    • Add physical and virtual items (web links, eBooks, and database articles) to an online Resource List within Destiny
  • Loan Periods & Limits

    The librarian can:
    • Make reserved items available for a limited loan period, such as “Library Use Only,” “Overnight Checkout,” etc.
    • Limit the number of reserved items each student may borrow
  • InterLibrary Loan

    • Statewide loans free to library users
    • Good option when students’ research assignments have broad parameters and their specific topics may not be repeated in subsequent years, or if multiple copies of an item are needed
    • Can take a week or more to arrive, so advance notice is key
In order for me to give students the information literacy skills they need for life in the 21st century, I rely on you to bring them to the library, assign work requiring the use of library resources, and point them in my direction. In turn, I hope to take some of the burden of research projects and library skills lessons off your shoulders.
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