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International Students

Grier School recognizes the importance of a diverse student body and seeks to enroll students from around the world who will become emboldened, engaged, and poised for the future during their time at Grier. Each year, we have students from more than 15 countries who make up half of the student body. Grier has many resources on campus to support international students including a student transportation coordinator, on-site TOEFL® testing, and ESL instruction. Additionally, Grier faculty members fluent in Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Korean, and Spanish are available to support students and answer their families’ questions.

Please use the resources below as you prepare your application and contact Admissions with any questions.

Steps to Apply

1. Submit Application

2. Provide Supplemental Materials

To complete your application, please provide:

Chinese students are recommended to submit the following standardized test scores:

3. Schedule Campus Visit
Visiting Grier is an important component of the admissions process. The informal visit provides authentic opportunities for both the student and the school community to learn about one another throughout the day. Contact Admissions to schedule your visit. If you cannot attend an on-campus interview, please let us know. We may be traveling to your region and can arrange a visit closer to home. Video chats can also be arranged.

Visa Requirements

Grier School is SEVP-certified and is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant students. In order to receive a Certificate of Eligibility (I-20) needed to apply for an F-1 visa, an applicant must also submit the International Student Supplement with her application.

Medical Requirements

  1. Health Insurance

    Out of concern for the health and welfare of all our students, Grier School requires that every international student enroll in our comprehensive injury and sickness plan. This plan meets the high cost of medical services and is accepted by local providers and practitioners. This plan was designed especially for private secondary schools and meets the mandated requirements of Pennsylvania law. The premium will be billed through the student’s tuition account.

  2. Physical Examination and Immunizations

    All new students, with their healthcare providers, must complete the required health forms and provide an immunization record. These forms are available once a student is admitted and must be submitted to the Health Center prior to arrival.

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    Kara Lawler 

    Head of School/Director of Enrollment and Marketing
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    Kelly Aharrah 

    Alumnae Coordinator\Assist. Director of Admissions
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