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Campus Life

Clubs & Organizations

Clubs afford Grier students opportunities to make new friends, bond over shared interests, or explore a new hobby while developing leadership, cooperation, and organization skills. Today’s Grier students participate in over 20 active clubs, each overseen by a Faculty Advisor. The clubs cover a wide variety of interests, activities, and hobbies. Students are welcome to charter new clubs and organizations.

Alpha Omega 
Art Club\National Art Honors Society
Astronomy Club
AV Club (Grier TV)
Baking Club
Beyond the Bubble
Bio-Medical Careers Club
Bridge Club
Chess Club
College Art Portfolio Club
Computer Science Club 

Excursion Club
Gaming Club

Garden Club
GrierCreates Magazine Club
Grier School Ambassadors
Grier Fit Club
Grow Club
History Club
International Awareness Club

Model UN
National Honor Society (NHS)
National STEM Honor Society (NHS)
Neurodivergent Club
Photo Club
Poetry Club
Pottery Club

Prom Committee
Recycling Club
Rock Band
Science Club
Sustainable Sisters Club
Student Council
USA Bioolympiad
Yarn Art Club

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