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Campus Life

Health & Wellness

As a true reflection of our motto mens sana in corpore sano, meaning “a sound mind in a sound body,” Grier values overall health and wellness. At Grier, an ill or injured student is treated by caring nurses in our Health Center. When a student is struggling or just needs an adult to speak to, the counselors and Student Support consultants are there for her. Meeting their physical and emotional health needs allows students to thrive.


The counseling program plays a key role in many aspects of student life. Counselors at Grier help students develop independence and a sense of self-worth while maintaining strong ties with parents. Parent involvement is valued and occurs on an ongoing basis via email and phone updates. The recently renovated Counseling Suite features private offices for counselors and consultants and a large group meeting area. The counseling team works together to help ensure that a student's experience at Grier be positive and productive.

Consulting Psychologists

Students whose counseling needs require more than what our guidance counselors would typically provide may meet with one of four consulting psychologists that come on campus once a week. These psychologists, based in nearby State College, help to continue therapy that may already have been started prior to a student’s arrival to Grier. Students may also begin therapy while at Grier if issues in their lives seem to warrant such attention.

Group Therapy

Grier offers between 4-8 groups per year, ranging from socialization and choices groups to family specific and special topic groups. Many of our students join these groups to have help from their peers and two trained group therapists to overcome a struggle they may be experiencing or to discover a better way to handle a problem.

Student Services

The Department of Student Services dovetails with our Learning Skills Department. Student Support consultants provide tutoring and support for students who benefit from this extra care and attention during the study hall hours.

Meet the Team

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    Caren Crago 

    Dean of Counseling, Wellness & Residential Life

Health Center

Whether a student has a headache, a case of the sniffles, or something worse, the team of nurses at the Grier Health Center are her first line of care. The Health Center is centrally located on campus and staffed by trained, professional nurses.

Health Center Services and Amenities:

  • First Aid and OTC Medications
  • Medication securely stored & dispensed
  • Management & coordination of off-campus medical appointments
  • Sleeping rooms with patient beds
  • Health & Wellness Education

Health Center
Phone: (814) 684-3000, ext.7001
Fax: (814) 684-3472
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