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How do I evaluate websites?

Basic Web Site Evaluation Criteria
 Relevance / Usefulness
Is the information on the site relevant to your topic? 

Is it written at a level you can comprehend?

Is the information detailed enough for your purpose?

Is the purpose of the site to educate or inform?

  • Keywords
  • Text body
  • FAQs
  • About the site
 AuthorityWho wrote the information on this site?

Are they an expert?  Are they qualified to write about this topic?  How do you know?

Is there a group instead of an individual responsible for the content?  Who?

Is the information well-written, with proper spelling and grammar?

  • Bottom of the page
  • By-line
  • Individual name
  • Corporate name
  • Home page
Does this site provide factual information on all sides of an issue, or just one?

Does this site express opinions more often than facts?

Is the purpose of the site to persuade or convince you of one idea? 

Is the purpose of the site to sell you something?

Is this site affiliated with another organization or company?  What is their purpose?
  • About the site
  • Opinions
  • Advertisements
  • Text body

 CurrentWhen was this site last updated?

Is it updated regularly?

Is this site too out-of-date for your topic?
  • Bottom of the page
  • Home page
  • Copyright date
  • Published date

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