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Grier Blood Drive Saves Lives

One person can help save hundreds of lives just by donating blood, which is why blood drives are a critical part of the American Red Cross’s mission. Grier has been partnering with the organization by hosting an annual blood drive for over a decade. The Grier Blood Drive is an excellent way for students to contribute to life-saving efforts. Students who do not meet the eligibility criteria can be involved in the effort by volunteering during the event.
Coordinator Mrs. Danielle Kelley of Grier’s Math department and her team of student volunteers made the event a success. In the weeks prior to the event, volunteers promoted the event and helped distribute permission slips for underage donors. On the day of the drive, the team set up shop in the gym early in the morning. Students helped throughout the four-hour drive by working the registration tables, helping donors recover with food and drink, and cleaning up.

This year, 20 individuals registered for the event. While some of the registrants could not donate this time due to reasons like the common cold, low iron levels, or high pulse rates, the Red Cross encouraged them to try again another time. Grier managed to collect 13 pints of blood and recruited 12 first-time donors!  Each pint collected has the potential to save up to three lives, so Grier's collection has the potential to save 39 lives. Since the human body replenishes the blood supply, healthy donors can give blood every eight weeks, potentially saving about 18 lives every year!

Thanks to Mrs. Kelley for coordinating the event, the Red Cross staff, the student volunteers, and everyone who registered to donate!

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