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Student Musicians Demonstrate Talent and Dedication

Last week, student musicians and vocalists gave individual music recitals in the Music Building. While the performances were not mandatory, many music students opted to participate, much to the delight of the Grier community audience who enjoyed the shows. Working towards a performance goal can be a great motivation to persevere through difficult practice sessions and performing before an audience if often a rewarding learning experience as well.
The recitals took place over four days, with six sessions total; four during the day time and two evening session. One evening session featured senior musicians. In total, students performed about fifty pieces, mainly solos, sometimes with accompaniment. Along with vocalists and pianists, the recitals featured flutes, cellos, clarinets, violins, violas, bells, and a bass. Some of the students showed their versatility in multiple performances and accompaniment for their fellow musicians.

Thanks to the Grier Music Department, the week-long event was a wonderful showcase of student talent. The hours of practice and dedication of the talented musicians was evident. Great job!

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