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Grier Dance Instructor Receives Five Star Review!

Grier Dance instructor Emmalee Hallanan spent her summer as a scholarship recipient dancing with the American Dance Festival. After dancing a famous piece titled Esplande choreographed by the legendary Paul Taylor, she received a glowing review for her performance!
The review, featured by the Chatham County, North Carolina, arts and culture publication Chatham Life & Style gave Emmalee’s piece five out of five stars, gushing:

In a testament to the festival’s focus on professional development, the troupe has provided one of the year’s most stunning and well-executed performances, with notable contributions from [...] risen (not rising) star Emmalee Hallinan, with a fiery and unforgettable series of silky-smooth lifts and fearless tumbles. Hallinan's indefatigable feet are the very last thing we see as the curtain falls on 2019's American Dance Festival.

While Grier dancers and audiences aren’t the least bit surprised to read how talented and devoted Emmalee is to the art, it is wonderful to hear such high praise from others. After her Summer Intensive Experience with ADF in Durham, North Carolina, Emmalee has returned to Grier on top of the world for another year of dance with Grier.

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RW | Photo courtesy of ADF

The review was featured online: 
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