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Grier Junior is Computer Science and Engineering Young Scholar

As Isabelle F. enters her Junior year at Grier, she is returning from six weeks researching as a Young Scholar  in a Penn State University Lab where she worked 30 hours per week alongside a Computer Science and Engineering professor to develop a convolutional neural network (CNN) that can identify plastic in images to raise awareness of the ubiquity of plastic and make sorting mixed recycling more efficient via automated systems.
Isabelle earned a spot in this research program through the ASSIST Young Scholars Program, which required her to demonstrate her dedication and aptitude for science by providing transcripts and letters of recommendation, which her Grier teachers were happy to provide. At Grier, Isabelle enjoys science, math, and computer science courses. She has participated in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science the past two years and has even competed at the state level. Isabelle is globally-minded, a quality strengthened from immersion in the diverse student body of Grier and by her participation in Grier’s Model UN, where she has put her public speaking skills into practice. 

To learn more about Isabelle’s fascinating research, take a look at the Plastic Project blog she created to document milestones during her research. Her teachers and everyone at Grier are proud of Isabelle for taking on challenges and looking for ways to bring beneficial progress and innovation to the world. 

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RW with Isabella F. | Photos courtesy Isabella F.
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