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Students Demonstrate Concern for Climate Change

Last week, Grier girls joined the Climate Strike, the worldwide youth led movement to bring awareness to today's climate issues. These "Strikes" drew hundreds of thousands of people around the world in anticipation of the U.N. Summit in New York. At Grier, students and teachers left their classes Friday morning to gather in the Courtyard for the rally. Students and teachers made signs, spoke about climate change, and learned how individuals can help the environmental crisis. 
Prior to the demonstration, Head of School, Mrs. Gina Borst, wrote in an email to Grier students, “I am so very proud of everyone for your passion, commitment and dedication to so many diverse aspects of your personal lives and the lives of everyone around the world. It is important to respect each other and strive to be the best we can be from within our Grier community to global citizens.”  Grier thanks seniors Saffie P. and Claire E. for organizing the Grier climate strike. 

One of the outcomes of the demonstration was the re-establishment of the Grier Environmental Club, as led by Mrs. Forest, who also teaches an Ecology course at Grier. The club had its first meeting on Thusday morning. Students also have the opportunity to make a positive environmental impact by working with Mrs. Brubaker who oversees the volunteer-run recycling program at Grier. Each Friday, Mrs. Brubaker and her student volunteers empty recycling receptacles all over campus and bring the bagged recyclables to a designated pick-up location on Grier campus. 

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