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Recycling Club Delivers a Special Message

In an effort to educate their peers about Grier’s volunteer recycling program, two members of the club produced a short video that detailed the DOs and DON’Ts of recycling. Every Friday, volunteers in the Recycling Club, join Mrs. Brubaker in a massive effort to collect bags of recyclables from all over campus and deposit them in a special container on the Grier property for pickup by a recycling company.
Too often, bags of recycling have to be discarded because someone has placed a non-recyclable within them. The whole batch of recyclables can be ruined by one person’s drippy ice cream cone. This is why two of the club’s members, Lily L. and Lavender W. took it upon themselves to spread awareness of the issue by producing a video.

In the video below, Lily and Lavender take turns putting various materials into the recycling bin. When the material can be recycled, the girl makes a dabbing gesture with her arms, almost like a check-mark to say “yes!”  When she attempts to put a non-recyclable into the bin, a red light flashes and a klaxon sounds. The girl creates an “X” with her arms, indicating that this item belongs in the garbage can. Lily and Lavender want to spread the word about how to recycle and help Grier go green.

The presentation was a part of an afternoon assembly led by Mrs. Borst who shared other important information with the students about upcoming events and advice for making healthy choices. 

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