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2019-2020 Class Officers Elected

Recently, students at Grier met with their fellow grade-level peers for the first class meetings of the school year. Faculty members facilitated the meetings where students had the opportunity to run for a class officer. Positions included President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. After candidates delivered short speeches, faculty advisors for each class tallied the secret votes to declare winners.
Class officers will guide their grade class in organizing events, community service projects, fundraising, and fostering school spirit. They join Grier’s Student Council officers, elected last May,  in Grier’s student government. 

Student Council:
  • President - Zai D.
  • Vice President - Sydney L.
  • Secretary - Payton M.
  • Treasurer/Scribe – Abby T.

Senior Class:
  • President - Saffie P.
  • Vice President - Lavender W.
  • Secretary - Grace M.
  • Treasurer - Alex H.

Junior Class:
  • President - Gia S.
  • Vice President - Laila W.
  • Secretary - Vivien W.
  • Treasurer - Cindy W.

Sophomore Class
  • President - Karen Z.
  • Vice President - Natalia R.
  • Secretary - Cherry N. & Stefani V.
  • Treasurer - Jimena P.

Freshman Class
  • President - Arden S.
  • Vice President - Marcella B.
  • Secretary - Edie M.
  • Treasurer - Bri K.

7th & 8th Grade Class
  • President - Mercedes F.
  • Vice President - Alexis B.
  • Secretary - Julia K.
  • Treasurer - Emily A.

Congratulations to all the elected officers who will make this year at Grier a wonderful one by planning fun activities, fostering friendship, and leading community service endeavors that support Grier and the surrounding community.

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