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Star Clusters and Planets Above Grier

From the observatory perched atop the Science Building, Grier students can stargaze from their own backyard, far away from the bright lights of big cities. On clear weekend nights, Mrs. Fernandes opens the observatory to members of Grier’s Astronomy Club and anybody else interested in catching an astonishing look through a telescope at the universe beyond Earth’s atmosphere. 
This fall, students were able to observe several objects in space, like Jupiter and Saturn. They also saw the Dumbbell Nebula (M27), 1300 light years away and the first planetary nebula scientists spotted. The telescopes also aimed at three star clusters. The Great Cluster (M13) in the constellation Hercules is over 200,000 light years away and over 11 billion years old!   The Sagittarius Cluster (M22) is 10,000 light years away and 12 billion years old. The Wild Duck Open Cluster is 6,200 light years away and comprised of hundreds or thousands of young stars. Wow! Even with the naked eye, the starry skies above Grier on a clear night are breathtaking. 
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