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Dance Performance for Parents' Weekend

Grier Dances of all levels performed for their parents and other family members in the Parents’ Weekend Performance. The show included thirteen pieces in a variety of dance styles, with choreography by Grier’s dance instructors Jocelyn Hrzic, Emmalee Hallinan, and Danielle Bower, as well as, by guest instructors Micah Geyer, Darrell Grand Moultrie, Jason McDole, and Robin Passmore.  The 71 Grier dancers gave fantastic performances!

  • Take My Hand - Choreographed by Jocelyn Hrzic
  • Express Yourself - Choreographed by Jocelyn Hrzic
  • Enumerate - Choreographed by Micah Geyer
  • Phat Like That - Choreographed by Emmalee Hallinan
  • Power of Now - Choreographed by Darrell Grand Moultrie
  • Experience - Choreographed by Jason McDole
  • II - Choreographed by Danielle Bower
  • Pirata - Choreographed by Jocelyn Hrzic
  • Throw It Back - Choreographed by Danielle Bower
  • Strasbourg -  Choreographed by Robin Passmore
  • Remembrance - Choreographed by Micah Geyer
  • Odi et Amo - Choreographed by Danielle Bower
  • Bold - Choreographed by Darrell Grand Moultrie


Abigail C. 
Alexa S.
Alexandra H.
Amy P.
Amy P.
Angel G.
Anna L.
Annie L.
Ava M.
Callie C.
Camila R.
Chengcheng L.
Coco L.
Connie M.
Danielle b.
Emma Z.
Estella P.
Farida S.
Fernanda G.
Fiona Q.
Grace A.
Grace M.
Izzy H. 
Jewel W.
Jillian H.
Julia G.
Julia K.
Kady N.
Karen Z.
Kayla R.
Kimen C.
Kirsten R.
Laila W.
Lailah W.
Layla K.
Lelia H.
Lexi B.
Lily C.
Lindsey W.
Lucky Z.
Luludi Go.
Mackenzie H. 
Mercedes G.
Michelle C.
Natalia R.
Natalia t.
Nicole K.
Nina W.
Nova P.
Otiwaa O.
Paola C. 
Petralinda M.
Phoenix P.
Rhianna e.
Riko Y.
Roberta B.
Royce M.
Samantha C.
Shawna L.
Shilin L.
Simone T.
Sofia O.
Solana R.
Sophia J.
Stefanie V.
Sydney L. 
T’aja W.
Tina W.
Veronica P.
X’achela R.
Xuyao H.
Dancers will have another opportunity to perform and work closely with professionals during the annual Grier Gala, taking place the week of November 4, 2019.  Stay tuned to Grier's website and social media for more information about the Grier Gala.  

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