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New Kid on the Block: Grier's AV Club

Student clubs and organizations give Grier students opportunities to make new friends, bond over shared interests, and explore new hobbies while developing leadership, cooperation, and organization skills. New this year, Audio/Video (AV) Club joins the array of student clubs and organizations.

Under the advisorship of Grier’s AV Technology teacher, Mr. Bryan Beckel, the AV Club is d
esigned to allow students interested in continuing to develop their filming and editing skills.
Students in the club will create media for the school in an effort to showcase events, sports, and other activities at Grier. Meetings are a chance for club members to review upcoming happenings  and choose projects based upon the events calendar or on something of their own interest.

The goal of the club is to leverage the power of video media for the betterment of Grier. Club membership is open to students in grades 9-12 and who have already taken the Video Production I course.  
Grier looks forward to future productions from these video makers in this exciting new club!

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