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Art and Poetry Demonstrate Understanding of Novel

Seventh grade English Honors students displayed their understanding of Lois Lowry’s dystopian novel Gathering Blue by designing a Singer’s robe and composing an epic ballad, both key elements in the story. The Honors English 7 students worked in two groups, each designing a robe that showcased the history of the society and composing a song which they performed before the class.
The novel is the companion to Lowry’s earlier work, The Giver. In Gathering Blue, a girl named Kira avoids a death sentence through her amazing gift of embroidery. She is tasked with embroidering the robe worn by the Singer, who annually recounts the society’s history. Kira searches for woad, the plant that will allow her to add a beautiful blue color to the robe. 

Both groups developed robes and songs that reflected the history of the society in Gathering Blue. Great job!

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