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Research Skills Essential for College and Beyond

Research papers are a regular part of each English and ESL courses at Grier. Knowing this, many teachers opt to partner with Grier’s librarian to give their students specialized lessons in accessing, finding, evaluating, organizing, and citing information.

These skills are essential for college-level work, and, as the decision-makers of tomorrow, today’s students must be able to critically evaluate sources of information for authority and bias. Grier’s Library continues to provide materials in the traditional format of printed books alongside online access to a multitude of searchable eBooks and databases of articles from newspapers, magazines, and journals.
Librarian Mrs. Woolfrey strives to provide the most up-to-date methods and best practices in her Information Literacy and Library Research skills instruction. Most recently, she has created some fast-paced video tutorials to guide students through the research process. In conjunction with her face-to-face lessons, these videos provide students with a handy tool to reference as they complete their classwork beyond the library walls. 

The second video in the series describes the process of gathering a variety of print and online sources to find on-topic information. The rest of the videos can be found on the library's web page. 

Partnering directly with the classroom teachers gives Mrs. Woolfrey the opportunity to connect with the study body, who continue to amaze her with their curiosity and insight. During the course of a school year, Grier students research a wide variety of topics including medical ethics, Victorian life, Greek mythology, issues relevant to contemporary women, abolitionists and the Underground Railroad, the environment and natural disasters, American Immigrants,  and more! 

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