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Social Studies Class Feels the Rhythm of the Caribbean

With Carnival season just around the corner, it is a great time for the eighth grade students in their World Geography Social Studies class to learn all about the Caribbean, including how to Salsa dance!  Their teacher, Mr. Chad Llewellyn spoke to his class about several aspects of the Caribbean culture, including the food (jerk chicken, yum!) and the music.
As Mr. Llewellyn narrated the progression of Caribbean music, beginning with the native drums and wind instruments and the addition of European stringed instruments. The students watched music videos featuring contemporary Caribbean musicians including Calypso Rose, a Soca artist, and ending with music that blended Afro-Cuban with jazz influences: SALSA!  

Camila R. led the class with a quick Salsa tutorial, with Jillian H. and Ava M. as her back-up dancers. Once they had given a demo, everyone from class was invited to try out the dance for extra-credit points. Several others joined Camila, Ava, and Jillian, including Callie C., Shoshi M., and even Mr. Llewellyn!

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