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Bubble Talks Foster Open Dialogue

Last month Grier shared about a new school initiated called “Beyond the Bubble.” Broadly, this committee of students and faculty facilitators aims to encourage personal growth by taking Grier girls outside of their normal spheres, or bubbles. The group recently held two extremely successful “Bubble Talks,” or town-hall style meetings where everyone is invited to listen, learn, and discuss.  Head of School Mrs. Borst, who attended the talks expressed how very proud she was of the students’ respectful handling of these difficult topics.
The committee was founded by Grier sophomore Simone T. who reached out to Mrs. Borst after she and fellow students of color experienced hurt from ignorant and unintentionally offensive remarks made by others at Grier. She expressed her desire to Mrs. Borst to  share information about her race and culture with the Grier community to foster greater understanding and respect between members of majority and minority races. With the support of Mrs. Borst, Simone and several of her friends and classmates formed Beyond the Bubble. 

While the committee plans to address a wide range of issues over the course of time, the group’s initial focus is on racial issues at Grier. Simone hopes that Beyond the Bubble will help Grier “achieve a more open, accepting, and closer connection between ethnicities through sharing opinions and perspectives.” Recognizing that just discussing the topic of racism often arouses defensiveness, she said that the committee aims to diminish some of the tension surrounding the topic.  

By starting these discussions in the school community, the committee hopes Grier students from all corners of the world will take the messages of inclusivity and intersectionality and spread them worldwide. 

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