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Clubs Cultivate Student Interests

Earlier this month, Grier hosted a Club Fair which gave students the opportunity to learn more about the clubs and sign up or apply. Through clubs and organizations, Grier students  make new friends, bond over shared interests, or explore a new hobby while developing leadership, cooperation, and organization skills.
Even with the current Health and Safety plan in effect, Grier has over a dozen active clubs, each overseen by a Faculty Advisor. The clubs cover a wide variety of interests, activities, and hobbies. Students are welcome to charter new clubs and organizations. This year, our campus clubs and organizations will meet primarily during Friday afternoons. 

Grier Clubs & Organizations 2020-2021

This is a non-denominational Christian group that meets weekly for a brief Bible Study and prayer time. We also sponsor events that are open to everyone on campus. Club Sponsor: Ms. Deremer -Room IT 2

The Astronomy Club holds stargazing events in the school’s observatory above the science building along with other space related activities throughout the year. Meetings will be held once a month on Friday afternoons. New this year will be an Astronomy Club newsletter to be published in the Fall and Spring for those of you with research and writing talents (perfect for virtual learners and in person students alike). If you love space and want to be current on space happenings, then this is the club for you! Club Sponsor –Mrs. Fernandes, room 300

Designed to allow students interested in continuing to develop their filming and editing skills. Students in the club will create media for the school in an effort to showcase events, sports, and other activities at Grier. Meetings are a chance for club members to review upcoming happenings and choose projects based upon the events calendar or on something of their own interest. These students are the prime staff members of Grier TV, and help create content to inform, promote, and entertain our students! Club sponsor— Mr. Beckel, meetings held in the Music Building Orchestra room

A group that focuses on racial education and strives to create a more just, equal world. We answer hard questions and have open, honest discussions about racial stereotypes, racism, and what it's like to be a member of a minority in America. Club sponsor - Mrs. Salyards (room 106) and Mr. Salyards (room 105)

Bridge Club is where Grier girls learn about and celebrate the differences and similarities that make all of our cultures beautiful and unique. Movie nights and cultural events sponsored and planned by our club help to bring the school together. Our reach extends far beyond our school with fundraising efforts to help girls around the world in various ways. Club sponsor: Mrs. Salyards - Room 106

The Excursion Club will go on multiple trips through the year, giving girls the opportunity to get outside and explore some of the hiking, biking, climbing, and water sports in the area. This club is for those who want to get outside, challenge themselves physically, and escape the campus in order to explore the natural world around us. Club sponsor: Mr. Lang –Room T200

This club is for students who have an interest in playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Exploding Kittens, and What Do You Meme? among others. For those new to these games, we can take you step by step through the process of learning the rules, creating a character, etc. It is a great way to relax and unwind after a long week of classes! Club sponsor - Ms. Keith, meet in Nana’s Place.

GSA is a club for students who love Grier, want to give back to the school, and bolster connections between current and future students as well as their families. A student may apply to GSA if she is in eighth through twelfth grades, has attended Grier for at least one semester, is a student in good standing, and is involved in at least two clubs or organizations. Ambassadors will primarily work with Admissions to represent the student body and must be able to commit to spending up to a few days each week at lunch and/or extra help with our Admissions visitors. Club sponsor: Mrs. Neely, Admissions Office

This club helps produce the school newspaper “The Green and Gold”. It is open to all students that are interested in investigating and reporting news! Club sponsor: Mr. Salyards- Room L5

This club is a place for members of the LGBT community and their allies to meet and offer each other support. The goal is to create and maintain a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment by cultivating mutual respect, open discussion, and a common vision of social equality. Activities include movies, discussion groups, attending shows, and other activities as suggested and organized by the students. Club sponsor – Mr. Ort, Room 110

A place where students can explore the world of international diplomacy by taking on the roles of delegates at the United Nations. They will research and debate solutions to global issues of today. This award winning club also travels to multiple conferences throughout the year to debate other high schools from around the country. Club sponsor: Mr. Packnick – Room 108

The nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. Juniors and seniors are eligible for entry. Initially, a student qualifies for entrance based on her GPA, but in addition to this one criterion, there are other requirements. Students must meet high standards of leadership, service, and character. Each year applications will be gathered and the faculty will review them for selection. NHS sponsors various community service opportunities throughout the year. Even if a student does not belong to the organization, she can still support its efforts by volunteering to help with community service projects. Club sponsor: Dr. Guydish-Buchholz - Room T205

This club is for students interested in pottery. You do not have to be in a clay class to join, just be willing to try your hand at learning to make bowls with a community service goal in mind. You will be able to come and work in the ceramics studio at specified times during each semester. That might include: extra help, free periods, after school & weekends; and learn to hand build and wheel throw (If you are in a wheel pottery class at the time) bowls that will be sold in the Spring at the school’s Annual Bowl & Soup-A-Thon event. The money raised at that event will benefit the “Grier Community Fund” and the students will earn community service credits. Club Sponsor: Mrs. Zimbler - Ceramics Studio

This club raises money for, plans, and helps with all aspects of the prom and its execution. Members should be available during some extra-helps and evenings as prom approaches. Membership is limited to juniors and seniors. Club sponsor: Ms. Lawler - Room T208

This club is responsible for collecting all recycling in Grier school classrooms, offices, dorms, & houses. Girls will be responsible to collect recycling in these given areas each Friday of the school year. There will be other opportunities during the week, as well. You will receive Grier deportment points & community service hours for this club. You will also be responsible for educating other students on how to recycle properly and the importance of recycling. Club sponsor: Mrs. Brubaker - Room S304

This club is for juniors only who are interested in physics and engineering. Up to fifteen juniors will form a team that will enter the annual Rube Goldberg Online Competition that is held every spring. A Rube Goldberg machine is a machine that is intentionally designed to perform a simple task (this year the task is turning on a light) in an indirect and overcomplicated way. The expectations for the members of this club is to come to build times held during select weekends in January, February and March in order to film the final machine before the online deadline (usually mid-April). Club sponsor: Mrs. Forest – room 305, Science Bldg.

Grier Student Social Media Leaders produce and share digital video content and images with the facilitation of advisor, Mrs. Woolfrey. The goal of the program is to showcase authentic, positive, and varied student perspectives of life at Grier to prospective families and students interested in attending Grier. The Student Social Media program allows participants to take an active role in the promotion of their school, receive insight into real-world online marketing and media experience, and gives them the opportunity to serve as digital leaders. Students grades 7-12 may apply. Club sponsor – Mrs. Woolfrey - Library

is made up of dedicated students looking to broaden their views on climate change, environmental issues and sustainability. Last year we focused on getting recyclable mugs and bubble straws for the Coffee Barn and enacting Plant Rich Mondays, held once a month in the dining hall. Please join us this year as we continue to create positive and sustainable change at Grier. Club sponsors: Mrs. Forest and Mrs. Brubaker, room 305 in Science Bldg.

What a great list of opportunities for Grier students to be engaged and involved in their community!

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