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Meet Grier: Mackenzie H. '22

At Grier School, we are proud of our diverse student community and culture. This year it is our goal to highlight our Grier Girls in their own words. Our series, Meet Grier, introduces our students to our extended community while showcasing their achievements and stories.


  • Name: Makenzie H.
  • "Home" when you're not at Grier: Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
  • Year: Junior
  • Years Attended Grier: 4
  • Age/Grade Started at Grier: 8th Grade

How Did you Decide to Attend Grier?

I decided to attend Grier because of the phenomenal dance program and I also love the balance of good dance training and the great academics that Grier provides. I have known Joci (the director of the dance program) for 8 years now and she was the one who invited me to come to Grier.

Why do you prefer the all-girls school environment?

I prefer an all-girls school environment because there is no judgment and all of the girls are nurtured and encouraged to be strong and independent women.

Are you a member or officer of any clubs/organizations?

Pre-professional dance company, National Honor Society, Bridge Club, and Beyond the Bubble Club

Do you participate in any Signature Programs or activities? Which and why do you enjoy them?

I participate in the pre-professional dance program. I love being a part of the pre-professional dance company because we are constantly being challenged and pushed to be our best. I love the program because you not only strengthen your technique but are also taught life lessons, and how to succeed in the professional dance world later on in life. I also like how supportive all of the girls and teachers are, it honestly feels like a family to me.

What has been your favorite memory or story from your time at Grier?

My favorite memory would definitely have to be in the spring of my freshman year, when we had an International Food Day. I loved participating in this activity because I got the amazing opportunity to celebrate the different cultures and cuisines of the world!

What are you most excited about for this year?

I'm excited to start college counseling because at Grier we are fortunate enough to have some of the best guidance on how to achieve our goals of the future.

What is your favorite tradition at Grier and why?

My favorite tradition at school would definitely have to be the Halloween costume contest. I just love seeing the whole school come together and just have fun and goof around a bit, there is just something so memorable about it. It really shows you how "tight- knit" the Grier community is.

What advice or message would you share with future Grier Girls?

My advice to future Grier girls is to really try and step out of your comfort zone and reach out to others, even if it may be a challenge at first. Be ready to open yourself up to learning about other cultures because you can learn so much from not only the faculty and staff at Grier but, also from your international friends/peers. Having that willingness to learn about different cultures and embrace them will truly change you for the better.

Just for fun - what is your favorite class, quote, book, recipe, movie, tv show, or podcast?

My favorite class is History because the often crazy events of the past fascinate me.

Thank you, Mackenzie, for sharing!

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