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Bubble Talk: Events of 2020

After school on Friday, March 5th, four members of Grier's Beyond the Bubble led a panel discussion of the major events of 2020. The panelists included Simone T., Madeline L., Elizabeth C., and Chantelle H. Everyone was invited to attend and to share. The discussion was well-attended by a mix of students, teachers, and administrators gathered in Nana's Place.
The important discussion explored a variety of headline events and how those events affected members of the Grier community differently. In this safe space of the Bubble Talk, attendees shared feelings about issues and the consequences of taking a stand for social justice. Among several important talking points was the idea to be continuously proactive, not only reactive to the headlines, and to do more than performative acts to achieve lasting change.

This is the start of a series of Bubble Talks that will continue through the school year. Students are welcome to leave inquiries or topic suggestions anonymously in the "Bubble Box" outside Mrs. Salyards classroom.

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