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Grier Runs Model UN Conference

Grier’s Model UN Club hosted the first student-run Grier Model UN Conference (GMUN) on Saturday. The delegates came prepared to take on the challenges of climate change. While all the student delegates performed well, three received special awards for their exceptional performance.
Throughout the day they created resolutions that aimed at curbing the use of plastics and securing funding to help developing countries plan through responsible industry. The conference also tried to tackle a heatwave crisis in Europe. Delegates created plans and countries worked together to send support to help extinguish forest fires and stepped up trade to help with the burden that countries were facing. 

Each step of the way, all delegates worked with each other, sending messages, debating topics, and drafting solutions to overcome every problem thrown their way. After the close of the conference the student staff selected three awards for delegates:

  • Best General Assembly Delegate – Nguyen V.
  • Best Crisis Delegate – Ashley S.
  • Outstanding New Delegate – Madeline H.

The students did a tremendous job designing and running this conference. This is by no means an easy task and they really stepped up and created a fun experience for everyone involved!

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