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A Look at Grier's Student Tutoring Program

During the dedicated study hall period each evening Sunday-Thursday, many students complete their school work from their dorm rooms, but some students participate in Grier’s Student Tutoring Program, which provides a more structured study hall experience. 

Headed by Modern Language instructor and ESL Department Chair, Mrs. Marie Shaffer, the program provides small groups of students with classroom spaces to work under the supervision of a Student Support teacher/tutor.
Student Support teachers assist students in a number of ways. At a basic level, these teachers help students meet assignment due dates and ensure regular homework completion. They also impart organization and prioritization skills to students, which reduces overall stress. Additionally, tutors are in communication with classroom teachers and learning skills teachers about individual student progress, obstacles, and achievements. A specialist math tutor, Mrs. Danielle Kelley, is also available to help any tutoring student with math-related homework. 

The Student Tutoring Program is open to all grade levels and can be conducted in-person or via Zoom. Students can participate in this program for an additional fee per semester. Mrs. Shaffer can often make arrangements for one-on-one subject-specific tutoring when requested. 

Student Support teachers not only help students develop good study habits, they root for each students’ success and bolster students’ academic confidence.

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