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Grier Joins Riverbank Cleanup Effort

Last month, several students and Mrs. Kelley joined forces with the Little Juniata River Association to (LJRA) help in their annual spring time Riverbank Cleanup efforts. The Little Juniata River flows alongside the road below Grier School. It is a popular river for fishing, kayaking, and canoeing. The collection and removal of trash, especially plastic, helps keep the river ecosystem healthy.
The Grier volunteers headed down to the stretch of the riverbank below Grier. Two teams worked from either end of the mile-long stretch before reuniting in the middle. They collected garbage that they found along the riverbank into large refuse bags, which the LJRA then collected in a pick-up truck.

Volunteers included: Nelli K., Heejin K., Natalia G., Estella H., Ally S., Kayla R., Alexis T., Alexis B., Louisa H., Mercedes P., Ana Paula S., Ava-Joy M., Elinor C., and Demi A.

 The team of volunteers did an awesome job helping to keep our local ecosystem beautiful, healthy, and thriving.  Thank you!  

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