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Musical Theatre Review: Snapshots of 35mm

Grier vocalists took to the Auditorium stage on Thursday, April 29th to present the musical review Snapshots of 35mm by Ryan Scott Oliver. The performance was attended by a live audience and broadcast live by GrierTV. The performers awed us with their vocal talents as they sang emotional pieces through KN95 masks.
Thanks to all involved for such dedication and for taking the extra precautions to bring live theatre back to Grier!  Bravo!  The cast and crew earned a well-deserved standing ovation from the audience. 


About 35mm: A Musical Exhibition
35mm: A Musical Exhibition was produced by Tony winning producer John Johnson in association with Very Intense Productions, and received an initial concert production at Galapagos Art Space in the spring of 2012. The music and lyrics are written by Ryan Scott Oliver and are inspired by the photography of Matthew Murphy, his husband. The show has no plot, yet asks us to examine the  ephemeral nature of time, our interactions with each other, and how we view ourselves with its variety of songs and styles.

Notes from the director about Snapshots of 35mm
As previously noted, the show’s music was originally conceived by RSO with his husband’s photography in mind. However, we have decided to do the reverse by basing our photography off of our students to capture their faces and spirits amid the unprecedented obstacles of this pandemic year. Though today’s performance is an abridged version of the show, we still find all the variety and vibrancy the source material has to offer, now featuring Grier’s unmistakable thumbprint.

This show explores mature content and is for a mature audience. Some of the subjects it explores include sexuality, abuse, rape, grief, and death. Additionally, profanity is sometimes used. Viewers are advised to take this into consideration when attending or livestreaming today’s performance.

The Grier School Presents:
Snapshots of 35mm
April 29th at 3:30pm in the Auditorium

Music and Lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver
Directed by Julia Natoli
Music Direction by Julia Natoli and Ginger Reinhardt
Photography by Christine Fernandes
Graphic Design by Charlotte M.
Light and Sound Direction by Bryan Beckel and Arron Ort


1. Stop Time – Image 1 (Lainey A.), Image 2 (Cordelia-Marie C.), Image 3 (Lizzie P.), Image 4 (Charlotte M. and Petralinda M.), Photographer (Liza E.)

2. Transition 1 - Voice 2 (Lainey A.) and Voice 3 (Carolyn B.)

3. On Monday - The Lover (Hannah N.)

4. Caralee - The Nanny (Ashley S.)

5. The Party Goes With You - The Broad (Charlotte M.)

6. Transition 2 - Voice 2 (Clara S.)

7. Make Me Happy – She (Clara S.) and He (Ashley S. )

8. The Seraph - The Sinner (Lizzie P.)

9. Leave Luanne - The Cajun (Petralinda M.) with les voix en dessous (Grace A. and Carolyn B.) and a Wayfarer (Cordelia-Marie C.)

10. Mama, Let Me In - Honors Choir

11. Twisted Teeth - The Nightwalker (Grace A.) and Her Mister (Hannah N.)

12. Hemming and Hawing – Radio (Charlotte M.) and Lonely (Lainey A.)

13. Cut You a Piece - A Friend of Jules and Jessy (Grace A.), Jules (Lizzie P.), and Jessy (Lainey A.)

14. The Ballad of Sara Berry - The Balladeer (Carolyn B.) and Company

Special thanks to Dani Keith, Julie Piotti, and Grier Maintenance for helping our show get to the stage! We are so grateful for you guys!

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