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Grier Wins Awards at Spring Thaw Art Show

In early April, Grier students submitted their best works to the Huntingdon County Arts Council’s Spring Thaw, a juried youth Art & Writing Exhibition. The show is an annual event in which Grier has participated for several years. The event is open to area students in grades PreK-12 and includes four categories for each grade range: 2-D Art, 3-D Art, Photography, and Writing. The works were displayed in The Art Space, a public gallery in Huntingdon, throughout the month.
During the Class Awards ceremony, art department chair Mrs. Heidi Zimbler and English department chair Mrs. Kara Lawler announced the Spring Thaw winners.

The winners included: 

Starlight M. - " A Song of Quartz and Queens" - 1st place grades 7-9
Estella H. - "Mood and Time" - 2nd place grades 7-9
Nguyen V. - "Skin Problems" - 1st place grades 10-12
Mikayla G. - "Gowing Up" - 2nd place grades 10-12

2D Art
Khe N. - "Ophelia" 1st place grades 10-12
Clara S. - "Window View" - 2nd place grades 10-12

3D Art
Kiera G. - "Copper Sketchbook" - 2nd place grades 7-9
Elinor C. - "Fused Glass Earrings" - 3rd place grades 7-9
Nelli K. - "Horse Pin, Copper & Nickel" - 3rd place grades 10-12

Camila R. - "The Bubbles of Venice" - 2nd place grades 7-9
Alexandra M. - "What Is Happening" - 1st place grades 10-12
Paige Cohen - "The Secrets of Tanzania" - 3rd place grades 10-12

Congratulations to the Grier winners and thanks to all the students that participated in the exhibit!  

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