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Grier Honors Students With Underclass Awards Ceremony

During a special all-school assembly, department heads and teachers proudly presented outstanding academic achievement awards to underclass students. The award winners were selected by faculty members from the departments of: English, History, Math, Modern Languages, and Science for students in grades 7-11.
9th - Camila R.
10th - Anna S.
11th - Sam C. & Natalia R.

7th & 8th - Madoka M. & Iris L.
9th - Ava Joy M.
10th - Edith M.
11th - Makenzie H.

7th & 8th - Madoka M. & Catrina C.
9th - Evelyn D.
10th - Anna S.
11th - Yasmin G.

Modern Language
7th & 8th French - Andrea Z.
7th & 8th Spanish - Demi A. & Alexis B.
9th French - Ava Joy M.
9th Spanish - Amen D. & Amy P.
10th French - Tran N.
10th Spanish - Louisa H. 
11th French - Yasmin G.
11th Spanish Abigail G. 

7th & 8th - Demi A. & Alexis B.
9th - Evelyn D. & Jillian H.
10th - Debbie G.
11th - Natalia R. 

Some of the award winners were unable to attend in person because they are studying virtually at this time or because they were taking some of the last AP exams of the year. 

Congratulations to all these students!

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