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Garden Club Takes Time To Breathe

Mrs. Fernandes
Students in the Garden Club took time out of their busy schedules to cultivate their love of plants and to breathe in the moment for their first project of the year It's been proven that working with plants and surrounding ourselves with their greenery improves our mental well-being and relieves stress. There’s nothing like the feel of dirt on your hands and the satisfaction of watching something you propagated thrive and flourish!
As stewards of this planet, our Garden Club girls take the responsibility of being sustainable very seriously. For this project, teachers donated their used flower pots and various containers that they normally would have discarded for the girls to fill with plants. In keeping with being sustainable, cuttings were obtained and rooted from pothos, philodendron, peperomia, and inch plant for our planters. Spider plant babies were collected from a stock plant donated to the club by Mrs. Wang last year. And, as a special treat, cuttings of Cuban oregano were offered to the girls this year. From a single cutting donated to Mrs. Fernandes last year from Mrs. Zimbler, a beautiful stock plant has arisen and flourished. It provided enough cuttings to offer plants to all who participated. There were even enough cuttings left to begin another stock plant for Jeremy to use in the kitchen! 
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