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Grier Students Attend St. Francis STEAM Day

Kallie Brubaker
On November 18, Dr. Burke and Mrs. Brubaker took twelve students to St. Francis University in Loretto, Pennsylvania for their Annual STEAM Day. These students are planning on going into STEAM fields such as the medical field and engineering. Students chose three sessions from an array of courses that introduced them to a variety of science and technology careers.
Some favorites among Grier students were a keynote speaker on the highlights of Pre-Med college majors and the Nano Chemistry activity where students got to work with nanoparticles and discuss their future in medicine and energy.

Junior Lucy J. says: “STEAM Day was a fantastic experience for me! 'Psychopaths: Serial Killers' was one of my favorite lectures... During this lecture, I learned about many new and well-known psychopaths, their reasoning for their crimes, and the different structure of the brain between ordinary people and psychopaths. If I get another opportunity to attend this event next year, I will absolutely do so!”

Natalie P. was thankful for the opportunity because she is now more excited about college than ever. The session called “Make College Count: Experiences to Set You Apart" gave her new perspectives on how to contribute to society in college and in life.   

The Grier Science Department strives to promote and encourage students leaning toward science and technology college paths to explore their interests and find themselves by providing opportunities to grow and thrive in the fields of technology, medicine, engineering, and environmental studies.
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