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Oh Chem-is-tree, oh Chemistry!

Christine Fernandes
…how lovely are thy ornaments?  Mrs. Myers and Mrs. Brubaker joined forces to bring back a favorite seasonal tradition to the science building in preparation for the upcoming Christmas holiday.  Students applied the process of mirror making to create beautiful gleaming silver-plated ornaments so they can take a piece of Grier home with them to cherish as an heirloom of their high school years.
The process was created in 1835 by German chemist, Justus von Liebig, and it made it possible for people of every economic status to have mirrors in their homes.  This method of plating glass with silver involves using dextrose to reduce silver ions within a clear glass ornament.  Students perfected the art of swirling and then sealed the reaction with black paint while Christmas carols decked the halls.  The final products reflected pride in a job accomplished as well as smiles all around.   
“Follow the gleam” this holiday season and best wishes to all as we usher in 2022!
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