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Animal Care Club Promotes Animal Welfare

Rebecca Woolfrey
Members of the Animal Care Club got together in the sunshine-filled Nana’s Place lounge on Friday afternoon where they learned about cruelty-free products and crafted snuffle mats for dogs at the Huntingdon County Human Society.  
The meeting opened with a presentation by Animal Care Club member Miranda. The others gathered on sofas and chairs around Miranda, who stood before the fireplace to speak about cruelty-free products. As the members listened intently, they learned that the term “cruelty-free” means that the product was not tested on animals and, importantly, that none of the ingredients used to create the product were tested on animals either. Cosmetics, in particular, have a long history of being tested on animals before hitting the consumer market. Animal rights advocates are increasingly opting to support brands and product lines that do not test on animals. Through the power of their wallets, they are putting pressure on other brands to follow suit. Miranda concluded by providing a list of cruelty-free brands that might appeal to young consumers like herself. 

After Miranda shared with the group, the club members crafted snuffle mats. These clever mats provide entertainment and stimulation to dogs by tapping into their canine instincts and recreating a foraging experience. Members of Grier’s Animal Care Club created these mats using plastic Euro style sink mats with a grid pattern and strips of polar fleece. By tying the strips of fleece to the mats, they created a deeply textured surface. Pet owners and animal caregivers can hide food and treats in the tufts so that dogs can forage – or snuffle- in the mats for rewarding discoveries.  

While it was simple enough to cut and tie the fleece to the mats, the members put in hours of effort to craft them from beginning to end, often working in small groups to cut, cut, cut and tie, tie, tie. Their labor resulted in a hefty stack of mats that the group plans to donate to local animal shelter, the Huntingdon County Humane Society. 

The Animal Care Club is one of many clubs at Grier. Grier’s clubs and organizations provide additional opportunities for every Grier student to find their tribe, form strong social bonds, give back to the community, and discover new interests under the nurturing supervision of faculty club advisors. Clubs reinforce the feeling that is so strong at Grier: you belong here.  

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