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Room 205 Theatre

Erin Guydish Buchholz, PhD
The students in the galley are bustling to prepare for their dramatic reenactments. Equipped with costume changes, props, and blocked performances, the class atmosphere is electric....
...Which would probably be unexpected when studying The Death of a Salesman, a play created and set in the 1940s centering on a largely male cast regarding the American Dream. This is the key context that Ms. Ondrey’s students provide before launching exuberantly into their scenes. These thespians take their roles seriously, understanding clearly their characters’ motives, moods, and behaviors.

Desks are pushed to mimic theatre seating and playbills are passed out with the cast and character lists. The theatre’s mission statement mimicking Grier’s appears prominently on the bill and is read before the start of the performances.

Students and faculty from other classes are invited to attend, adding to the ambiance and excitement. Students in the audience now remember studying this text or becoming motivated to ask questions and consider reading or watching the play in its entirety.

Ms. Ondrey and her Honor English 10 classes show all of us at Grier how the classics can continue to be powerful in contemporary and seemingly disconnected times getting students interested in reading, writing, and acting all in one innovative learning moment!
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