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Favorites in Student Photography

Christine Fernandes
Take a look at some of our favorite photos taken by photography students in 2021-22!
Students in Grier's Photography class or Photography Club submitted their best photos from the school year to the contest. Grier students, staff, faculty, and a few outside photography teachers picked their ten favorite photos out of 100 submissions. 

The top ten photos and photographers, in no particular order, include: 

  • Flute –Chujun 
  • Peek-a-Boo –Gabrielle 
  • Let It Go –Claire 
  • Through the Trees –Claire 
  • Oh, Deer! –Cassidy
  • Cameras –Chujun 
  • Hand in Snow –Begona
  • Bamboo Forest –Begona
  • Shadow Springs –Alice 
  • Gleam –Madoka 
Photography students learn the elements of photography, processing film, darkroom fundamentals, and how to use a SLR camera. These favorite photos also showcase the emphasis the class places on moving from snapshots to thoughtful artistic images. 

Grier's photography offerings are designed to give students a lifelong appreciation for photography, whether manually developing prints in a darkroom, capturing digital images on a DSLR, and more!
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