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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Christine Fernandes
The Grier School Pollinator Garden is coming back to life and soon we'll be able to breathe in the wonderful smell of flowers pleasing to bees and humans alike! 
Garden Club students trekked up to the garden to plant some annuals this week now that it looks like the danger of frost has passed.  They planted scarlet runner beans to grow up the sides of the enclosures to attract hummingbirds.  They also planted a variety of zinnias and "Busy Bee" sunflowers. 

A local bunny feasted on our milkweed, coneflowers, asters, and mountain mint in the fall, but the plants seemed to weather the winter and are returning to new life despite being chewed to the ground last year.  Look for updates on the status of the garden this summer and don't forget to take time to smell the flowers.  The bees won't mind!
Photos by C. Fernandes and G. Pryor
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