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Grier *Rings* In The New School Year!

Kara Lawler
Tradition, tradition, tradition!  And today, the tradition was in the form of the ringing of the bell on the first day of school!
Grier School Director, Geoffrey Grier, follows in the footsteps of his ancestors as the 5th generation of the Grier family to be in a leadership position at the school.  Tradition is very important to him. 

Mr. Grier said earlier today that “Grier School honors our history as a school founded in 1853. With an eye to the future, we are firm in our resolve to honor our traditions, like this one:  the ringing of the Ray Kelly bell on the first day of school!  This morning, our Student Council officers rang the bell 23 times for the class of 2023!” 
Alexis, co-president of the Student Council said, “Ringing the bells was simple but emotional to me as it is my last year in high school - the final stretch of a long journey. I felt incredibly honored to strike the bell with my fellow Student Council members, knowing that they are all admirable and caring just like the spirit of the Grier community. I am very excited for what the new school year has for all of us, and I hope you are, too! Let’s have some fun together!” 
Edie, Student Council treasurer said, “Ringing the bell felt like a perfectly traditional and monumental way to officially start the school year! Being surrounded by my fellow officers as we envisioned the year to come was truly moving!” 
Joyful bells were ringing!  Welcome back, Grier girls!  Head to stories to listen to the ringing! 
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