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Second Annual ISOP Regatta

Kallie Brubaker
Mrs. Brubaker’s ISOP science classes held their second annual Regatta on Friday, September 9. Continuing the tradition in ISOP science, the students review sea-faring science concepts such as density, buoyancy, volume, and forces.
They put these concepts to work by designing and building a boat big enough to hold a student. The boats must be sea-worthy enough to survive being rowed from one end of the Grier swimming pool to the other. 

The students formed teams, then designed and engineered their boats in about one week. Then came the actual competition: The Second Annual ISOP Regatta!

The competition was a blast, with Mina from Team One rowing across the pool in only 45 seconds!

Lindsey, rowing Team 2’s boat, got turned around but both boats held up well! 

Students in the International Student Orientation Program come to Grier School two weeks early to get a head start on becoming familiar with the Grier School campus, its teachers, and its community. Outside the classroom, they have the chance to breathe in the clean air of the mountains they are nestled in. Inside the classroom, they take English as a Second Language, History, and Science classes. 

And, of course, they get to race boats they built themselves!
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