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Donated Dorm Items Help Those In Need

Kallie Brubaker
Students at Grier love to help others.  As we grow, there any many things we do not need anymore. Instead of throwing these objects away, some teachers have taken the initiative to collect and donate those items to those in need.
Mrs. Brubaker has her Environmental Science classes help, and Mrs. Kelley has her math classes help collect the items from all over campus. Grier then donates the items to the Blair/Clearfield Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Altoona, PA.

The Association for the Blind has held a yard sale with the items every year since 2013 from which they have earned more than $1500 annually from the sale of the items donated by Grier students! The Association is able to use those funds to take their clients on local social outings such as bowling and movies.

These outings are essential to these clients with visual impairments for social interactions and well-being. Grier is honored to be able to benefit these people in our community, as well as reduce waste and help the environment!
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