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Lab Days: Opportunities for Change

Erin Guydish Buchholz, PhD
Lab Days completely change the Grier daily schedule for nearly a whole week. They last for three days and feature extended periods, originally to allow for in-depth science labs. The change also offers students the chance to try out schedules similar to college routines. These days have grown since their inception to provide opportunities for students and faculty to engage in extended lessons and unique experiences. Check out some of our creative classes and the hard work lab days have given us time for!
Mr. Llewellyn’s World History classes created Cave Drawings after studying them. They had to tell stories of their own families to share with classmates and upcoming visitors during parents’ weekend. His classes were filled with laughs as students created their large works, sometimes covering themselves in the process!
Mrs.  Brubaker’s CP and AP Environmental Science had enough time to conduct a class stream study. These students traveled to nearby streams to run chemical water tests. They also examined macroinvertebrates from the stream to see if they are healthy. Don’t worry though- students were sure to dress appropriately and stay dry during their adventures! Keeping up her theme of engaged classes, Mrs. Brubaker’s Anatomy class made 3D models of epithelial tissues.
Mrs. Davis’ Learning Skills Labs took advantage of the long classes to visit the library for orientation. The extra time also meant there were mini-lessons on test-taking strategies, including how to approach multiple-choice, true/false, short answer, and essay questions. She even found the space to incorporate work on long-term assignments as well as daily homework.
Mr. Barsody’s AP Physics 1 students, Juno, Jiwon, Kyubin, and Gabija completed a lab on kinematics, where they had to determine the acceleration of a battery-powered fan cart. Students measured the distance in centimeters on a cart track with a length scale and a stopwatch to measure time. They applied a data linearization method to construct a graph to determine and illustrate the acceleration of the fan cart. 

Everywhere you look on campus this week you'll see scenes similar to these; teachers and students taking the opportunity to dig into unique and exciting experiences!
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