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Future Entrepreneurs Shine in Design, Create, and Program Class!

Sam Salyards
From Business proposals to marketing slogans to ad campaigns, students in our Design, Create, and Program course got the chance to show off their inner entrepreneurs!

First students planned and penned their own business proposals. In addition to naming their business, they had to form a plan of action, define their competitors, and estimate the number of employees they would need. They presented this information using photos, organizational charts, graphs, and maps. 

Then they set out to create logos and slogans for their businesses. Focusing on critical business skills such as clear communication and concise messaging, the students were challenged to showcase their creativity in limited spaces and word counts.

They also practiced their organizational skills by creating an employee org chart. For each position within the company, they had to define the position title, direct reports, pay, required qualifications/education, and a description of duties. 

Finally, students developed marketing materials to be used in newspaper ads, postcards, and business cards. They recorded a 20-second radio ad, a 30-60 second television ad, and made a presentation board and PowerPoint presentation.

All in all, they worked with Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Fireworks, PhotoShop, Audio and Video editing software, and developed their skills with Organization, communication, creativity, diagrams, graphs, and illustrations.

Great work future business leaders!
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