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Photo of the Week Rules

Sam Salyards
Each week our own Mrs. Fernandes challenges her regular and advanced photography classes to take a photograph while limiting themselves to an assigned theme. By adding boundary rules, Mrs. Fernandes encourages her students to stretch their imaginations and grow their creativity.
For this challenge, students deviate from their usual tools (traditional cameras and film) and use either digital cameras or their phones. By focusing on familiar technology, students have the chance to really focus on growing their creative and artistic skills.
Recent themes include: Time, Repetition, Trees, Monochrome, Shoes, Round, and Flat Lay.
Each Friday, Mrs. Fernandes’s classes look through the photos generated that week and vote on their top 10 favorites. They critique the best work and then Mrs. Fernandes chooses the best 3 to enter into the year-end photo contest.
That contest will include both “Photos of the Week” submissions and the best of the darkroom prints. Winners will be chosen by a school-wide vote.

Pictured here are photos for the themes Time and Repetition, See if you can guess which is which!
Last semester the #1 photo was titled “Sunset over North Cottage,” a Photo of the Week submission for the theme “Something Beautiful” by Ivanna R in Grade 7.
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