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Grier Recognizes our Generous Donors

Grier wishes to thank some recent donors who have generously given to Grier School to enhance our campus facilities. Through these gifts, Grier has been able to add assets that benefit our riding, athletics and science departments.
Upon seeing our current needs, one alumna donor graciously gave the gift of massive fans to improve climate control in the equine arena. These enormous fans provide year-round climate control because the direction of the fan blades’ rotation is automatically controlled by a temperature sensor. This means that in the hot summer months, the fans can draw air upwards and create a cool breeze. In the colder winter months, the fans will spin in the opposite direction and push the warm air collected in the apex of the arena back down to the arena floor.

Students participating in recreational golf at Grier may soon be improving their swings thanks to a gift from the friends of one Grier alumna. This group honored the memory of their friend’s father by donating a golf swing cage in his name. The cage, named “Wild Bill’s Golf Swing Cage,” allows golfers to practice their swings without launching golf balls all over Grier’s sports fields. The cage is surrounded by a freshly landscaped garden that features a plaque honoring the alumna’s late father.

Recognizing the farm-to-table movement that connects locally grown food to everyday meals, another alumna and meticulous gardener wanted to bestow the gift of gardening upon Grier. Through the gift of a greenhouse, students at Grier may have the opportunity to develop an appreciation both for gardening as a hobby and better understand the agricultural process that brings food to the table. The Sturdi-built greenhouse is perched near the soccer fields, just above the Science Building. It features louvered glass windows that automatically respond to temperature changes, helping to maintain the ideal climate for growing plants.

Along with the Director of Development and Alumnae Office who have formally thanked these donors, Grier School is grateful for these additions. It is partly through the contributions of donors that Grier remains able to offer quality education and recreational experiences that enhance the lives of our students. The Director of Development notes that because of the school’s small size, donations have a big impact.

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By R. Woolfrey | Photo credit: B. Galloway and R. Woolfrey
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