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Shaping the Future of Design

Students in Technology Director Ms. Carol Deremer’s Advanced 3D Design class create a variety of three-dimensional objects using different software and techniques to achieve the desired outcomes. This spring semester The Advanced 3D Design class is the natural follow-up to the fall semester’s introductory course.
While the internet abounds with ready-made files for 3D printing, the students in Ms. Deremer’s classes are designing their own 3D models from scratch. These students use the computer-aided design (CAD) software like 123D Design to create geometrical shaped objects, such as the architectural models created by Dora K. Students use the 3D modeling software Sculptris to pinch, pull, and twist virtual clay. This software is ideal for creating the contoured shapes of faces and figures.
The MakerBot 3D printers can only print one colored plastic at a time, so the students sometimes elect to use white plastic and apply post-production surface treatments, such as paint or marker to the white plastic to add color. Along with works of art, the projects include functional items like flower pots, phone holders, and lamps. The students gain technology skills along with experience in product design.
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By R. Woolfrey | Photo credit: R. Woolfrey
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