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Grier Summer

A Letter from Grier Summer Director

Dear Families:
With the daffodils and forsythia in bloom in Pennsylvania, I am reminded that spring is here and summer is coming. I am reminded that even in the midst of much uncertainty, anxiety, and strain - there is beauty, brightness, and color all around. I am struck that the Summer 2020 theme, "Color Me Happy," picked months ago, is timely and relevant. While having definitive answers about what the next days, weeks, and months will hold would be helpful - we are all having to tolerate the reality that planning for the immediate future is mostly out of our hands.
During a time when there are more questions than answers, I wanted to reach out to give you an update on the things I know for sure related to Grier Summer 2020:
  • All decisions related to camp are being made with the health, safety, & wellbeing of campers and staff foremost in our minds. We will not open camp if we cannot do it safely.
  • Grier Administration, along with our Board of Directors, wants camp to happen for 2020. We know that for so many campers, attending camp is an annual routine and something looked forward to all year. We believe that for so many girls, having this opportunity to return to normalcy will be more important than ever.
  • The COVID19 outbreak has disrupted the school year for nearly everyone with classes suspended, online learning instituted for core subjects only, and instruction in the Visual & Performing Arts deemphasized. By summer, girls will be hungry for expressive outlets and learning.
  • Whenever social distancing requirements and travel restrictions currently in place are eased, it will take considerable time for things to get back to "normal" and different states & countries will be on different timelines for this.
  • With uncertainty about the length of the 2019/2020 - some areas talking about holding school until but not longer than June 30th - the start of the Grier Summer camp season will be inevitably impacted.
  • Grier has decided to delay the start of camp in the hopes of being able to provide an experience to as many campers as possible. Currently, we plan to offer one 3- week camp session beginning on 7/12/20 and ending on 8/1/20. These dates correspond to our planned Session 2 camp experience. Any camper currently registered for Session 1 will be automatically switched to Session 2. We realize that this change may not be convenient for each family impacted. Please reach out to me at griersummer@grier.org to discuss issues associated with the date change.
  • Even with the opening of camp delayed, we recognize that many factors related to this goal are beyond our control. We hope that by early to mid May, there will be clarity and direction from government & health officials about whether or not it is realistic to try to open camp at all this summer. We will continue to monitor the recommendations that are disseminated and make decisions accordingly. If camp 2020 is canceled, then information about refunds and deposit credits for use in 2021 will be shared. If camp opens but international travel restrictions impact certain campers from attending camp, then refund and/or deposit credits will be applicable.
While I realize that the above list of knowns is shorter than the list of unknowns, I hope it is helpful to you to have some preliminary information from Grier Summer about the changes we are making in response to the current epidemic. I hope you feel the care, concern, and commitment that we have to our camp families. 
Please be well and stay healthy through this unprecedented experience. 
Jennifer Pepperman, Director