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Communicating Camp Closures & Decisions to Children

We know that many campers have been looking forward to attending Grier Summer. For some, this summer would have been the continuation of a tradition, while others might have been looking forward to their first sleep-away camp experience. With an array of games to play, activities to enjoy, and close friendships to develop at Grier Summer, the announcement of this season’s cancellation may be difficult to swallow.
Grier Summer wishes to share some advice with families on how to have these difficult conversations with their children. Licensed clinical psychologist, Rebecca “Dr. Becky” Kennedy outlines tips for communicating camp decisions and closures.

She offers some general tips for communicating camp closures and provides scripts for having conversations about the closure of the camp or the decision not to send a child to a camp that plans to open. Dr. Becky also advises that parents first take time to acknowledge their own feelings. Parents, like their children, may have been looking forward to the camp experience and are permitted to feel upset, angry, overwhelmed, or anxious about the present circumstances and the prospect of their child’s disappointment.  

The heart of Dr. Becky’s advice for communicating the news to children is to acknowledge, validante, and permit.  Acknowledge that the situation is crummy, validate the disappointment and sadness felt by the child, and then verbally permit the child to feel angry, while offering reassurance that the family will manage, despite the hardship and disappointment. 

Dr. Becky shares this advice in her post on Instagram along with other timely advice and reassurance for parents. For those who wish to learn more, she has written several articles on her website www.drbeckyathome.com and has created fee-based courses for parents at drbecky.thinkific.com.

While the summer doesn’t signify a return to full normalcy, keep following Grier Summer on Facebook, Instagram, and Pintrest for some fun activities and fond camp memories. 
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